La Abolicion de la Esclavitud en Puerto-Rico. Reunion celebrada en el Teatro Nacional de la Ópera, por la Sociedad Abolicionista Española, el dia 23 de Enero de 1873
Sociedad Abolicionista Española
Abolition Campaigns
Biblioteca Nacional de España. British Library.
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This pamphlet reproduces speeches from a public meeting held to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico. This law is hailed as the "first triumph" (2) of the Spanish Abolicionist Society, and a major step towards the total abolition of slavery in the Spanish colonies. The president is clear in his opening speech that the meeting is being held to celebrate the passing of the law, rather than to re-open public debate on this controversial issue. The abolition law is described as a response to criticism from the rest of Europe, and a means of re-establishing "the dignity and honour of the Spanish nation" (5).
Published in the series "Propaganda Anti-Esclavista", and stamped with the Spanish abolitionist logo of the kneeling slave with chained hands. The meeting was held on 23 January 1873, at the National Opera House in Madrid, presided by Fernando de Castro. The speakers were Carrasco, Labra, J. B. Alonso and G. Rodriguez.