Charles Joseph
Considérations sur l'esclavage aux Antilles françaises et de son abolition graduelle, suivies d'un Aperçu analytique et critique du système d'apprentissage et de ses résultats dans les colonies anglaises
B. Dusillion
Abolition Campaigns;Travel Writings
Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Slavery Antilles French Caribbean Society Gradual Abolition Apprenticeship British Colonies
Conceived as a contribution to the nineteenth-century "expiation" (5) of Europe's involvement in the slave trade, this short comparison of slave and free colonial societies is based on the author's stay in the Caribbean. He describes French indifference to the problem of slavery as the result of ignorance, and attempts to educate public opinion by publishing his impressions of French Caribbean society and the British apprenticeship project. He concludes that France should learn from Britain's errors, abolishing slavery gradually to accustom both the slaves and French public opinion to the idea of emancipation.
Author's name given on the title page as "Chs Jh D.........." (Charles Joseph Dussillion).