An Appeal to the Inhabitants of Europe, on Slavery and the Slave Trade. Issued on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends in Great Britain
Harvey & Darton
Appel aux habitants de l'Europe sur l'esclavage et la traite des nègres, par la Société religieuse des Amis de la Grande-Bretagne. 1er du 3e mois, 1839 (Paris: F. Didot Frères, 1839). French. Apelacion á los habitantes de Europa sobre la esclavitud y el trafico de negros. Publicado en nombre de la Sociedad religiosa de amigos en la Gran Bretaña (London: Harvey & Darton, 1839). Spanish.
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London
Quaker Religious Society Slavery Slave Trade Europe Appeal
A Quaker pamphlet written in opposition to both slavery and the slave trade. Much like the similar Address to the Inhabitants of Europe (1822), this pamphlet focuses on the incompatibility between Christian beliefs and the enslavement of others, and was published in multiple languages. It describes the continuing African slave trade to Brazil and the Spanish colonies, and suggests that the numbers of the enslaved are increasing; it also gives a short summary of laws and treaties against slavery and the slave trade passed since 1807.
Signed on behalf of a Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Great Britain, held in London, the 1st of 3rd month, 1839, by Peter Bedford, Clerk. Translations held by the national libraries of France and Denmark.