Tableau précis de la malheureuse condition des négres dans les colonies d'Amérique: suivi de considérations adressées aux Gouvernemens de l'Amérique libre sur l'inconséquence de leur conduite en tolérant l'esclavage. Traduit de l'anglais
Paris & London
Abolition Campaigns
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This pamphlet contains translations of two anti-slavery texts by the French-born American abolitionist Anthony Benezet. These translations are introduced by a French supporter of abolition, signed "Porph.... Du D..., De Mor.... B.... Norm...", in a short foreword entitled 'Observations presented to the society established in favour of the negroes'. The foreword praises the establishment of the Amis des Noirs, the result of a growing awareness in France of the slave trade and slavery. It encourages the society to create local branches, and to work alongside the British and American abolitionist societies towards changing public opinion.
Contains translations into French of the following pamphlets: - Anthony Benezet, A caution to Great Britain and her Colonies in a short representation of the calamitous state of the enslaved Negroes in the British dominions (1767). - Anthony Benezet, A serious address to the rulers of America, on the inconsistency of their conduct respecting slavery (1784).