The Foreign Slave Trade, a brief account of its state, of the treaties which have been entered into, and of the laws enacted for its suppression, from the date of the English Abolition Act to the present time
John Hatchard & Son. J. and A. Arch. Darton, Harvey & Darton
Legislation & Constitutions
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. British Library. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. Friends House Library, London.
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Foreign Slave Trade Treaties Europe Britain Legislation Suppression
Published thirty years on from the 1807 abolition of the British slave trade, this pamphlet describes the progress of abolitionist campaigns, and the enormities of the continuing foreign slave trade, described as "this hydra-headed monster" (3). It lists country by country the treaties entered into, and the extent of the illegal slave trade. It also uses reports from British Commissioners in Africa and the Americas, and African travel narratives (Park, Gray, Denham, Clapperton, Oudney, Rankin) to detail the nature of the trade.
An update detailing the figures and reports for 1836-37 was also published the following year: The Foreign Slave Trade, No. II, a brief account of its state, and of the treaties and laws relating thereto, continued to the present time (London: Anti-Slavery Society, 1838).