Foreign Slave Trade. Abstract of the information recently laid on the table of the House of Commons on the subject of the slave trade; being a report made by a Committee specially appointed for the purpose, to the Directors of the African Institution on the 8th of May, 1821, and by them ordered to be printed, as a Supplement to the Annual Report of the present year
Ellerton & Henderson
De l’état actuel de la traite des noirs, extrait des renseignemens déposés récemment à ce sujet sur le bureau de la Chambre des Communes d’Angleterre ; composant le rapport présenté, le 8 mai, 1821, aux Directeurs de l’Institution Africaine par le comité spécial nommé à cet effet. Imprimé par ordre de l’Institution Africaine comme Supplément à son Rapport Annuel pour 1821 (London: G. Schulze, 1821). French.
Abolition Campaigns;Legislation & Constitutions
Friends House Library, London. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. British Library. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Nederland.
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Foreign Slave Trade Report African Institution Naval Communications Correspondence Legislation
This 180 page report, published and circulated by the African Institution as a supplement to their Annual Report, is a digest of information on the subject of the transatlantic slave trade still being pursued by a number of European powers, taken from sources including letters from the Commissioners at Sierra Leone, and other correspondence with France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, and with British naval officers. The report is highly critical of the role of foreign governments in enforcing treaties abolishing the slave trade.
The Recovered Histories, Anti-Slavery International collection holds the French translation of this report, which includes a foreword by the translator (see link).