All nations are of one blood
Harvey & Darton, Houlston & Son, Edmund Fry, E. Albright and other booksellers
Abolition Campaigns
John Rylands Library, Manchester. Brotherton Special Collections, University of Leeds.
Nations Blood Slavery Christianity Evangelical Woolman Benezet Dauxion Lavaysse
This evangelical pamphlet is headed by an image of a chained slave, with his arm outstretched, holding a copy of the Bible. It includes short extracts from letters and abolitionist publications, including a letter written in Shrewsbury in June 1824, which describes the religious testimony of a slave in Carolina, an extract from the journal of the eighteenth-century US abolitionists John Woolman and Anthony Benezet, and two anecdotes taken from the 1813 travel narrative, Voyage aux îles de Trinidad, de Tabago, de la Marguerite, et dans diverses parties de la Vénézuela by J. Dauxion Lavaysse, concerning the recognition of mixed-race children by their fathers in the French Caribbean colonies (I, 285-86).