Pauvres Nègres! Ou quatre ans aux Antilles Françaises. Par Édouard Goubert, Curé démissionnaire de Fort-Royal-Martinique.
Moessard & Jousset
Travel Writings
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This account by Édouard Goubert of four years spent as a priest in Martinique, is strongly opposed to the continued existence of French colonial slavery, which he calls "astonishing given the civilising progress of the mother country" (7). Goubert refers to colonial slavery as "a strangely backward resistance to the spirit of evangelism" (35). He describes the furious debates in the colonies over slavery, religion and the law, and how he was called before the colonial court because of his anti-slavery views. The final chapter of his book, on measures for emancipation, calls for immediate abolition of colonial slavery, without compensation for the slaveowners.
Chapter three of this work, entitled 'Des préjugés coloniaux' ('On colonial prejudices'), was first published in the St. Lucia journal, Palladium, in April 1840, according to a footnote (57). Cited in Victor Schoelcher, De la pétition des ouvriers pour l'abolition immédiate de l'esclavage (1844), 15.