An appeal on the iniquity of slavery and the slave-trade: issued by the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, held in London, 1844
Edward Marsh
Appel sur l'iniquité de l'esclavage et de la traite des noirs, adopté de la part de l'assemblée annuelle de la Société religieuse dite des amis, réunie en son assemblée annuelle de 1844 (Paris: Firmin Didot Frères, 1845). French.
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London. Rhodes House, Oxford. British Library.
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This Quaker pamphlet details the resolution taken at the Meeting of the Society of Friends for 1844: "we feel it to be once more our religious duty to plead the cause of these suffering victims of avarice and cruelty, and to advocate the principles of righteousness, mercy and truth" (3). The text describes slavery as a crime against God and a violation of natural laws, and reminds the reader that although slavery has been abolished in the British colonies, it continues in the United States, Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the colonies of the other European powers, as well as in the Mediterranean and Egypt. The Society of Friends appeals to those abroad - not only sovereigns and political leaders, but all people - to spread the word, and work towards the abolition of slavery: "we therefore invite our brethren, in our own country and elsewhere, to take a part in diffusing just and correct views of Slavery and the Slave-trade" (9).
Signed by George Stacey on behalf of the annual Meeting of the Society of Friends in London (May 1844).