Negro Emancipation and West Indian Independence, the true interest of Great Britain
R. Rockliff
De l’émancipation des noirs et de l’indépendance des Indes-Occidentales, considérées comme étant dans l’intérêt bien entendu de la Grande Bretagne (London: G. Schulze, 1824). French.
Abolition Campaigns
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London.
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Emancipation Abolition Slavery Decolonisation Independence Caribbean Britain
This pamphlet on the slave colonies of the West Indies argues for the immediate emancipation of the slaves. It also claims that maintaining extensive colonial power structures is costly, inefficient and potentially fatal to Britain, citing the decline of the Spanish and Portuguese empires, as well as the example of Saint Domingue. He concludes that the slave colonies of the West Indies as run by the planters are "a system founded in crime, and productive of merited ruin" (19).