Faits relatifs à la traite des noirs [Société de la morale chrétienne, Comité pour l'abolition de la traite des noirs].
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This pamphlet contains a summary of the aims and objectives of the Society, and an extended version of Auguste de Staël's Letter to the President of the Society of Christian Morality on his visit to the Nantes docks, complete with labelled diagrams of the slave ship chains he bought there. The chains, which were placed on public view at the Society's offices, caused a stir in Parisian society, and the letter describes the horrified reactions of prominent public figures on seeing them. The pamphlet also contains correspondence between the Society of Christian Morality and the French naval ministry, and a summary of the evidence that illegal slave trading was still taking place on board French ships, mainly taken from British sources.
Drawing of a cross-section of a slave ship printed on the title page of the pamphlet. See: Bulletin de la correspondance. A Monsieur le Président de la Société de la Morale Chrétienne, for de Staël's original letter (record 137 in the database).