Narrative of a recent visit to Brazil, by John Candler and Wilson Burgess: to present an address on the slave-trade and slavery, issued by the Religious Society of Friends
Edward Marsh
Travel Writings
Friends House Library, London. British Library. Biblioteca Nacional de EspaƱa.
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This voyage to Brazil was undertaken by two British Friends in order to present the Quaker petition, On slavery and the slave trade, to the Brazilian emperor. They suggest that: "Never before were the two continents of the Old and New World agitated on this question as they now are" (5). The petition is successfully presented, but notices in the Brazilian press omit all reference to slavery, presenting their visit as solely related to the abolition of the slave trade. However, the Anti-Slavery Reporter is widely sold in the major Brazilian cities, and they thus hope that "the public mind is beginning to undergo some change as to the expediency of slavery itself as an institution" (17). They meet several Brazilian abolitionists during their stay, attend a meeting of the Brazilian Society against the Traffic in Africans, and for promoting Colonization and the Civilization of the Indians, and receive a deputation of former slaves who wished to return to Africa. They also visit a number of plantations and gold mines in order to investigate the living and working conditions of the slaves.
Also sold by the Friends' Book & Tract Depository. Additional author: Wilson Burgess. John Candler also published accounts of his travels in the West Indies and in Haiti in the 1840s.