Brussels Conference on the Slave-Trade, 1889. Papers by members of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.
British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society
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This collection contains five conference papers by British speakers at the Anti-Slavery Conference held in Brussels in 1889-90: 'The African Slave Trade' by W. H. Wylde, 'The Mohammedan Idea of Slavery' by F. J. Goldsmid, 'The Suppression of the Slave Trade' by J. V. Crawford, 'The Immediate Extinction of the Legal Status of Slavery in the Dominions of the Sultan of Zanzibar' by Horace Waller, and 'The Anti-Slavery Work of England' by Charles H. Allen. The main focus of these papers is the suppression of the East African slave trade through peaceful means. Crawford suggests that anti-slavery public opinion in Europe should be encouraged, as the partition of Africa meant that "in due time European ideas must predominate all along the coast as well as far into the interior" (21), while Waller suggests putting pressure on Zanzibar to abolish slavery in order to end slave-trading in the interior of Africa. The final paper by Charles Allen includes copies of the correspondence between Britain and Belgium regarding the organisation of the Brussels Conference.
See also the full acts of the Brussels Anti-Slavery Conference, published by the French ministry of foreign affairs: Conférence Internationale de Bruxelles, 18 Novembre 1889-2 Juillet 1890. Protocoles et acte final (Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1891).