M. F. de [François]
Des colonies anglaises depuis l'émancipation des esclaves, et de l'influence de cette émancipation sur les colonies françaises
Paul Dupont & Co.
Abolition Campaigns
Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Bibliothèque de la Société de l'histoire du Protestantisme français, Paris. British Library. Friends House Library, London. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London.
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British Colonies Emancipation Slaves Abolition French Colonies Influence Report Society
The impact of the British 1833 abolition of slavery on French colonial slavery - a major focus of national interest in the 1830s - is the subject of this report, which was written for the 'Société de l'abolition de l'esclavage' by founding member François de Montrol. The pamphlet examines the immediate effect of emancipation in the British colonies, and the wider interest that it provoked "as a political and a humanitarian issue" (1), and as a model and example to follow. Despite its inherent problems, the British abolition act was seen by Montrol as: "an imposing signal to all civilized nations, a flag raised between the two worlds, and the first step which will lead to the worldwide abolition of slavery" (4).