View of the law and practice in the Spanish colonies respecting the manumission of slaves
Bagster & Thoms
1828 [?]
Abolition Campaigns;Legislation & Constitutions
Friends House Library, London
Spanish Portuguese Brazilian Law Practice Slave Colonies Manumission British Politics
Short pamphlet detailing conditions under slavery and the system of manumission in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, described as "both a wise and merciful policy" (2). The pamphlet cites the Spanish Slave Code, as well as travel narratives and the British Commissioner in Havana on the legal practice of manumission. British anti-slavery societies petitioned in 1826 for a manumission scheme in the colonies, and the feasibility of the Spanish model was discussed in the British House of Commons in March 1828.
Undated - 1828 is suggested by Friends House Library, as a very similar article was printed in the Anti-Slavery Monthly Reporter no. 37 (June 1828).