La esclavitud en la isla de Cuba
D’Aubusson & Kugelmann
Spanish / French
Abolition Campaigns
Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Biblioteca Nacional de España.
Slavery Cuba French Spanish Language Economy Capitalism Politics Civilisation
This dual language pamphlet (French and Spanish text on alternate pages) sums up the political, religious and economic arguments against colonial slavery. It explains that slavery is incompatible not only with true 'riches', based on Christian principles, but also with modern capitalist society, which is "the work of God" and "marvellously organised" (15). It argues that the abolition of slavery had already been accomplished in feudal Europe, much of the Caribbean, Latin America and Tunisia, and proposes that Cuba follow their example, with a gradual abolition policy and compensation for slave owners. The benefits of "civilisation" will outweigh, it is argued, the "little sacrifices" (41) needed to abolish slavery for good.