Résultats de l’émancipation aux colonies anglaises. Abolition de l’esclavage dans l’île suédoise de Saint-Barthelemy & dans les possession danoises des Antilles.
Revue Indépendante
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French abolitionist Victor Schoelcher published this overview of European legislation against slavery and post-slavery societies in the fortnightly Revue Indépendante in 1847. He first examines the British Caribbean colonies since the end of slavery, citing extensively from British governmental reports published in the Anti-Slavery Reporter of September 1846. He then looks at the successive steps towards emancipation taken by the Swedish and Danish governments in their Caribbean colonies since 1838, calling for France to follow their example: "Soon Denmark will share with England, Tunisia and Sweden the glory of having no more slaves. How long will our noble country insist on keeping hers?" (89).
Article in the Revue Indépendante, 7ième année, 2ième séries. Tome septième (1847), 73-90. The Revue Indépendante also published French abolitionist Hippolyte Carnot's De l'esclavage colonial (1845).