José Antonio
Mi primera pregunta. ¿La abolición del comercio de esclavos africanos arruinará ó atrasará la agricultura Cubana?
Imprenta de Don Marcelino Calero
Abolition Campaigns
Biblioteca Nacional de España. British Library. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London.
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Written during Cuban patriot José Antonio Saco's European exile, this pamphlet examines the impact that the abolition of the slave trade would have in Cuba. Saco's foreword considers the kind of political reception his pamphlet might receive in Spain, from "the biased and the impartial, friends and enemies" to his "fierce adversaries" (4). His answer to the question posed by the title is no, the abolition of the slave trade would not harm Cuban agriculture. He cites the prosperity of the British colonies since 1807, and also mentions the free labourers working in Venezuela, Mexico, Haiti and some Puerto Rican plantations. Saco describes the slave trade and slavery as a "disasterous" or "ill-fated" system which has caused much mortality and suffering among its victims (13).
Digital version accessible via search on the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica website (see link above). The pamphlet is addressed to Saco's "Cuban compatriots". See also José Saco, Paralelo entre la Isla de Cuba y algunas Colonias Inglesas (Madrid: 1837), and Saco, La Supresion del tráfico de esclavos africanos en la isla de Cuba, examinada con relacion a su agricultura y a su seguridad (Paris: Panckoucke, 1845).