State of the Foreign Slave Trade (Reprinted by Permission) from the British Review, no. XXXVI, December 1821
C. Baldwin (printer)
Abolition Campaigns
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. British Library.
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Foreign Slave Trade Article British Review Abolition
This long review article synthesises the British and French debates on the slave trade from 1819-21, in the reports of the African Institution, in the British and French parliaments and in the writings of abolitionists such as Clarkson, Giudicelly and Morenas. It deplores the continued facility with which slave trading is permitted, particularly by Portugal, and threatens "the just remonstrances of indignant Europe" (10). It is hoped that multilingual abolitionist publications will influence European public opinion.
Originally published as an article in The British Review and London Critical Journal, vol. 18, no.36 (December 1821), 430-87. This was a quarterly journal of book reviews, articles and travel writings.