Information concerning the Slave-trade, printed by order of a Committee acting under the direction of the Yearly Meeting of the religious Society of Friends, to aid in promoting the total abolition of that iniquitous traffic
Harvey, Darton & Co.
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London. Brotherton Special Collections, University of Leeds.
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Slave Trade Information Committee Meeting Society Friends Quakers Campaign Abolition
This campaign newsletter, which was sent out in summer 1821 to supporters of the Society of Friends Committee for the total abolition of the slave trade, includes a brief committee report, a synthesis of information about the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and East African slave trades (taken from African Institution publications and legislative texts), a copy of the address to the King by the House of Commons, committee resolutions, and a list of subscribers. The Quaker committee report identifies a need for translations of campaign material into European languages, and resolves to undertake this, although notes that press restrictions in France make campaigning there difficult (3). The committee also resolves to "diffuse information on the continent through the medium of the foreign newspapers and journals" (46).