Observations on the late Treaty of Peace with France; so far as it relates to the Slave Trade: in a letter to a friend
J. Butterworth & Son
Abolition Campaigns
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. British Library.
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Observations Treaty Peace Paris 1814 Britain France Slave Trade Abolition Colonies
Pamphlet in the form of an anonymous letter criticising British foreign policy negotiations with France over the slave trade, and the 1814 Treaty of Paris. By restoring France's African & Caribbean colonies, and allowing slave trading there for five years, the letter argues, the treaty sanctions the slave trade in Europe, weakens British economic and political influence, and devastates Africa. The signatories of the treaty are accused of ceding to pressure to "purchase the Peace of Europe with the miseries of Africa" (20).
The letter is signed "Liber".