Charles Martial [Cardinal]
Sur les anciens ordres religieux-militaires et la possibilité d'une association du même genre pour l'abolition de l'esclavage, dans les contrées barbares de l'Afrique
Imprimerie Vve Eugène Belin et Fils
Abolition Campaigns
Bibliothèque Nationale de France. British Library.
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Chivalric Order Religious Military Association Abolition Slavery Barbary Africa Lavigerie Missionary
In this short article, published as part of a wider collection of documents on the late nineteenth-century abolitionist revival, Lavigerie considers re-founding an old chivalric order (such as the Order of Malta or the Templar Knights) for the purpose of combatting slavery in Africa by military means. He stresses that membership of the new order would not be dependent on nobility, rather it would be based around Christian principles and military discipline. It would be open to members of different nations and languages. Lavigerie proposes to wait until suitable candidates present themselves before taking the plan to establish this military organisation further.
In: Documents sur la fondation de l’œuvre antiesclavagiste par S. Ém. Le Cardinal Lavigerie (Saint-Cloud: Imprimerie Vve Eugène Belin et Fils, 1889), 712-15.