Wolter Robert van [Dr]
Slaven en vrijen onder de Nederlandsche wet
Travel Writings
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Nederland. British Library.
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This account of slavery in the colony of Surinam was published by the Dutch pastor and abolitionist Dr. Wolter van Hoëvell. It contains information about Surinam, its plantations, the maroons and the living situation of those enslaved there (including food, clothing, religion, punishments etc). Van Hoëvell's travel diary of his time in Surinam is also published as part of the second volume. The preface makes the claim that this portrayal of colonial slavery is "the truth and nothing but the truth" and bears witness before an "impartial examination" (II, 195) of Dutch colonial society in South America.
2 illustrated volumes (vol I only available online). Republished in 1864, one year after the abolition of slavery in the Dutch colonies. Van Hoëvell was also the author of an article on the emancipation of the slaves in the Dutch colonies, published in the journal 'Tijdschrift voor Nederlands Indie' (1849) and numerous other writings on slavery in colonial Indonesia.