Eine genaue Beschreibung des schrecklichen und unmenschlichen Sklaven Handels, anzeigend die Behandlung, welche die Sklaven erfahren, die Manier, wie solche herbeigeschafft nebst Beschreibing der eisernen Instrumente, gebraucht in diesem abscheulichen Geschäft
Louis Quien [printer]
Abolition Campaigns
Kongelige Bibliotek, Danmark. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London.
Description Slave Trade Abstract Evidence Abolition Translation German
This German pamphlet is based on translated extracts from the 'Abstract of the evidence [...] on the part of the petitioners for the abolition of the slave-trade' (1791). It cites eye-witness reports presented to the British House of Commons by Woolrich, Dalrymple, Hall and other military leaders and European travellers in Africa and the Caribbean. Described as a "detailed description of the terrible and inhumane slave trade", the pamphlet also includes a "description of the iron instruments used in this abominable business". The pamphlet focuses particularly on the treatment of slaves in the West Indies.
"Translated from the English by Professor Laffert". Includes an illustration on page 10, of a slave working on a plantation, weighed down with iron chains, and wearing an iron mask.