Remarks on the demoralizing influence of slavery, by a resident at the Cape of Good Hope
Bagster & Thoms
Abolition Campaigns
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. Friends House Library, London. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. British Library.
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South Africa Cape Mozambique Slavery Demoralizing Power
Engaging with the anti-slavery debate in Europe, this pamphlet brings a Southern African perspective to bear on a debate which had focused almost entirely on the triangular slave system between West Africa, the Americas and Europe. The pamphlet examines the pervasive influence of slavery in the Cape Colony, and particularly the "demoralizing" nature of absolute power, giving examples from Mozambique as well as the Cape. Systems of slavery, "whether Portuguese or English, French, Spanish or Dutch" (14) are judged equally degrading to all involved.