A Letter on the greater necessity of an abolition of the African slave trade; in consequence of the Insurrection at St. Domingo, &c. by a gentleman long resident in Jamaica, extracted from the Universal Museum, no. 3, just published, prefaced by a Short Address to the Publick, by W.M.
R. Cruttwell
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London. Rhodes House, Oxford.
Abolition Slave Trade Africa Jamaica Saint Domingue Revolution Parliament
Printed by a group of abolitionists, the introduction to this pamphlet stresses the potential impact of the slave uprisings in Saint Domingue on the parliamentary slave trade debates shortly to take place in Britain. The letter from the "gentleman long resident in Jamaica" supports the motion for abolishing the slave trade, arguing that a cap on importation of slaves is necessary for agricultural development as well as the security of the colony,in order to avoid a repeat of Saint Domingue.