D'Andrada e Silva
José Bonifacio
Representação á Assemblea geral constituinte e legislativa do imperio do Brasil sobre a escravatura
F. Didot
Memoir addressed to the General, Constituent and Legislative Assembly of the Empire of Brazil, on Slavery! Translated from the Portuguese by William Walton (London: Butterworth, Ridgway, Booth, Wilson, 1826). English.
Abolition Campaigns
Bibliothèque Nationale de France. British Library.
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Brazil Memoir Slavery Assembly Independence Exile Gradual Abolition Slave Trade
Described by William Walton in the English translation as "the sentiments of an enlightened foreigner" (iii) on the abolition of slavery, this text is a memoir by José D'Andrada e Silva, the leading advocate of Brazilian independence in the 1820s, written from exile in Paris and addressed to the government of Brazil. It calls for the gradual abolition of slavery. D'Andrada e Silva calls on the Brazilians, "the only nation, derived from European blood, that still publically and unblushingly trades in African slaves" (15), to abolish the slave trade and work towards the gradual emancipation of the slaves in Brazil.
The web link above is to the English translation of D'Andrada e Silva's work, published in 1826.