Memoirs of William Forster, vol. II
Alfred W. Bennett
Abolition Campaigns;Travel Writings
Friends House Library, London. British Library.
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Memoirs of the Quaker abolitionist William Forster, who travelled extensively in Europe and the United States promoting abolitionism. Chapters 42 to 44 (pp.259-309) describe his continental anti-slavery tours undertaken to present the sovereigns of Europe with the Quaker anti-slavery address: To sovereigns and those in authority in the nations of Europe (1849). In this capacity, he travelled to Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the German kingdoms, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain between 1849-51.
See also: Proceedings in relation to the presentation of the address of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, on the Slave-trade and Slavery, to sovereigns and those in authority in the nations of Europe, and in other parts of the world, where the Christian religion is professed (London: Edward Newman, 1854). This Quaker publication gives an account of Forster's European tours 1849-51, as well as the visits to Portugal and Brazil of Robert Were Fox and John Candler (1852-53), and the Quaker deputation to the United States in 1853-54, where Forster died in January 1854.