Germaine [Madame de]
Appel aux souverains réunis à Paris pour en obtenir l'abolition de la traite des nègres
Ellerton & Henderson
Abolition Campaigns
Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London
Sovereigns Europe Treaty Paris 1814 Slave Trade Abolition
Madame de Staël's pamphlet, published anonymously by the London printers Ellerton & Henderson, calls on the sovereigns of continental Europe to fall into line with Britain's 1807 Act of Abolition, and abolish the slave trade. De Staël argues that the sacred cause of abolition could be a monument to the rulers of France, Portugal, Austria, Prussia, and Russia, signatories of the 1814 Treaty of Paris, and an apt tribute to the role of Britain in bringing peace to Europe.