Negro Slavery; or, a view of some of the more prominent features of that state of society, as it exists in the United States of America and in the colonies of the West Indies, especially in Jamaica
Hatchard & Son. J. & A. Arch.
Abolition Campaigns
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. Friends House Library, London. Rhodes House, Oxford. British Library. Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
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Slavery Abolition Society United States West Indies Jamaica
This exposé of American and Caribbean slave societies was published in 1823, the same year that the Anti-Slavery Society began campaigning for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies. Sources include the Royal Gazette of Jamaica, and eye-witnesses including the Rev. Thomas Cooper, James Stephen and Dr John Williamson. It argues that despite differences in management and treatment of slaves, the system was: “the same revolting institution, whether it be administered by Spaniards or Portuguese, Frenchmen or Dutchmen, Englishmen or Americans” (43-44).
Unnamed author, attributed to the abolitionist Zachary Macaulay in the Friends House Library catalogue. Another edition was published the same year, printed by Richard Taylor.