The Tourist; A Literary and Anti-Slavery Journal. Under the Superintendance of the Agency Anti-Slavery Society
John Crisp (Secretary of the Agency Anti-Slavery Society)
Abolition Campaigns;Travel Writings
Friends House Library, London. Rhodes House, Oxford. British Library.
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Anti-Slavery Journal Tourist Travel Literary Review Agency Magazine
Collected volume of the illustrated penny magazine, The Tourist; or, Sketch Book of the Times, which was published weekly between September 1832 and May 1833 by the Agency, a British anti-slavery society that favoured immediate abolition. The Tourist combined anti-slavery articles and campaign updates with extracts from the writings of travellers, jokes, portraits of well-known people, places, and animals, poems, book reviews, household hints, letters and other light reading material. The magazine also published controversial lists of British MPs who were pro- and anti-abolition.