The Crisis of the Sugar Colonies; Or, An Enquiry into the Objects and Probable Effects of the French Expedition to the West Indies; And their Connection with the Colonial Interests of the British Empire. To which are subjoined, sketches of a plan for settling the vacant lands of Trinidada. In four letters to the Right Hon. Henry Addington, Chancellor of the Exchequer, &c.
J. Hatchard
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London. Rhodes House, Oxford. British Library.
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Napoleon Expedition Army Saint Domingue Haiti Colonies Caribbean Slavery Trinidad
In The Crisis of the Sugar Colonies, two of the major legal and political issues that arose in the Caribbean region during the Napoleonic wars are addressed: the Haitian revolution and the settlement of Trinidad. In a series of letters to the British prime minister, the author discusses the construction of a fleet of French ships destined for the Caribbean, the possibility that Napoleon could attempt to restore French colonial slavery, the potential outcomes, and what this would mean for British interests. He also argues for a reform of colonial governance, and sets out a plan for settling the newly-acquired colony of Trinidad without slavery.
Anonymous author, generally attributed to the abolitionist James Stephen.