The principles, plans, and objects, of 'the Hibernian Negro's Friend Society', contrasted with those of the previously existing 'Anti-Slavery Societies'; being a circular, addressed to all the friends of the negro, and advocates for the abolition and extinction of slavery; in the Form of a Letter, to Thomas Pringle, Esq. Secretary of 'the London Anti-Slavery Society'
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. John Rylands University Library, Manchester.
Hibernian Negro's Friend Society Dublin Ireland Letter London Anti-Slavery
This letter, from Charles Orpen, a director of the Dublin-based Hibernian Negro's Friend Society, sets out the principles and wide-ranging aims of the Irish anti-slavery campaign, in response to criticism from London abolitionists. The commitment of the Hibernian Negro's Friend Society to immediate and total abolition with no compensation is affirmed, not just in the British colonies but "looking at Slavery as a SIN, wherever it exists, and as such, protesting, and in the Lord's name declaring war against it, over the whole globe" (3). Orpen also suggests the foundation of an association "against Negro Slavery in all parts of the world" (4).