An inquiry into the right and duty of compelling Spain to relinquish her slave trade in northern Africa
J. Butterworth & Son. J. Hatchard.
Abolition Campaigns
Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. British Library.
Slave Trade Treaty Spain International Law Europe Africa
Citing Vattel, Grotius, Montesquieu and other established authorities in international law, this pamphlet argues that as the slave trade has been found "contrary to the law of nature and nations" (24), European powers should have the collective right to intervene to stop the continued enslavement of Africans. A particular case is made against Spain's slave trade on the north west coast of Africa, which, the author argues, is jeopardising the success of Sierra Leone and other European colonial experiments in West Africa.
Unnamed author, attributed to James Stephen by the British Library. Also published in The Pamphleteer, vol. 7, 315-60.