Joseph [Captain]
Practical remarks on the slave trade on the West Coast of Africa, with notes on the Portuguese treaty
Abolition Campaigns;Legislation & Constitutions
Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London
Africa Portugal Brazil Britain Treaty Atlantic Slave Trade
This pamphlet denounces Britain's failure to enforce its European treaties against the slave trade (particularly the trade to Brazil), and the increased suffering and mortality that this has caused among cargoes of enslaved Africans. The author argues that Britain should either take far more effective measures to end the hugely damaging illegal trade, or stop interfering with it. Among the measures suggested are the concentration of resources on the West African coast, the purchase of new colonies there, and treaties strengthening ties with African rulers - influenced by Fowell Buxton's The African slave trade and its remedy, which was initially published in 1839.
Anonymous author, attributed to Joseph Denman, British Royal Navy captain in the 1830s, by the Goldsmith's Library.