Remarks on that Article in the late Treaty of Peace, which permits a French Slave Trade for five years. From the Christian Observer for June last
M. Branthwaite & Co.
Abolition Campaigns;Legislation & Constitutions
Friends House Library, London. Rhodes House, Oxford.
Peace Treaty Paris 1814 Britain France Slave Trade Colonies Saint Domingue Haiti Guadeloupe
The anonymous author describes the clause in the Treaty of Paris allowing France to pursue the slave trade for five years as the "prostitution" of the peace in Europe, simply transferring war and bloodshed to Africa and the Americas (3). He suggests that France was planning to make use of the agreed five years to re-colonise Saint Domingue, massacre the free inhabitants of the country and import new slaves from Africa, and also that the unconditional transfer of Senegal and Guadeloupe to France as part of the peace treaty would provide both source and market for the trade in enslaved Africans. Petitioning parliament to protest against the treaty is suggested by the pamphlet, and a petition adopted at the Freemason's Hall meeting on the 17th June 1814 in London is re-printed as an example (15-16).
Publication date given as July 1814.