Case of the Vigilante, a ship employed in the Slave Trade; with some reflections on that traffic
Harvey, Darton & Co.
Affaire de la Vigilante, batiment négrier de Nantes (Paris: Crapelet, 1823). French.
Abolition Campaigns
Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. British Library. Friends House Library, London.
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Diagram France Slave Trade Ship Plan Traffic Africa Vigilante Friends Quaker Committee
Along with the plan of the Spanish slave ship, the Josefa Maracayera, this diagram of the French ship Vigilante and its accompanying narrative were printed and distributed by the Committee of the Society of Friends for the total abolition of the slave trade. The pamphlet contains a precise plan of the Vigilante showing the slaves lying side by side, measurements, a cross-section plan, drawings of the iron collars and chains worn by the slaves, and the narrative of the capture of the French slave ship at Bonny by the British navy in April 1822, with 345 slaves on board. The case is described as "a demonstration, brought home to the eyes and ears of the people of Europe, of the cruelties and wickedness exercised towards the poor negroes" (11). Like the diagram of the Brooks, this image of the Vigilante was intended to provoke a strong reaction: "Reader! Look at the Plate, and dwell for a few moments on those emotions which thou must feel" (11).
A second edition of this pamphlet was published by Harvey, Darton & Co in 1826.