Breve resumo sobre a natureza do Commercio de Escravatura e das atrocidades que d'elle resultam: seguido de huma relaçao historica dos debates que terminaram a final abolição
Ellerton & Henderson
Abolition Campaigns
Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. British Library. Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal.
Slave Trade Abolition History British Portuguese Translation Clarkson Quaker Committee
This history of abolitionism, published by the London firm Ellerton & Henderson, attempts to convince Portuguese readers that the abolition of the slave trade would be beneficial for Portugal and Brazil. The history, covering three centuries of the transatlantic slave trade and ending with the 1807 Bill in the British Parliament abolishing the trade, is based on an abstract of Clarkson's history of the abolition of the slave trade, and takes a very British perspective, focusing on the campaigns of the Society of Friends, and the work of Clarkson and Wilberforce.
Printing and distribution co-funded by the African Institution and the Society of Friends Committee for the abolition of the slave trade. 1000 copies were made (see Information concerning the Slave Trade, the 1821 committee report of the Society of Friends, p.2).