A Correct Statement of what passed at a Conference between the Emperor Alexander and a Deputation from the Society of Quakers; Consisting of J. Wilkinson, S. Grillette, and Wm. Allen, at the time the Northern Monarchs and other great Men were in England, in the Summer of 1814; which will shew to the moral and religious world, that there is at least one eminently pious Monarch in Europe
For W. Fores, by C. H. Reynell
Abolition Campaigns
Friends House Library, London. Brotherton Special Collections, University of Leeds.
Letter Quaker Meeting Emperor Alexander Russia Slave Trade
This account of a meeting between three leading Quakers and the Emperor of Russia in 1814 was published three years later, when two of the three had travelled to Russia at the Emperor's invitation. It describes the attempts of the Friends to obtain an audience with European monarchs during their visit to the UK in 1814, and their eventual meeting with Alexander II of Russia. The slave trade was discussed at this meeting among other concerns: "the Emperor unequivocally declared his sense of the enormity of it, saying of the Africans, 'they are our brethren, and are like ourselves'" (15-16).
This account was printed and sold together with a letter accusing some Quaker businessmen of inflating grain prices in London, and calling on the community to investigate these members. It is not a Quaker publication, but it claims to be aimed at "the moral and religious world" (vi).