John Augustine
A Voyage in the West Indies: Containing various observations made during a residence in Barbadoes, and several of the Leeward Islands; with some notices and illustrations relative to the city of Paramarabo, in Surinam
Sir Richard Phillips & Co.
Travel Writings
Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. Rhodes House, Oxford.
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Navy Surgeon War French British Caribbean Surinam Barbados Slavery Society
Waller was posted to the West Indies in 1807, arriving in time to witness the arrival of the last British slave ships "taking all possible advantage of the last weeks of their expiring commerce" (3). This journal describes his residence as a naval surgeon in Barbados, and his tour of duty in the Caribbean and South America during the Napoleonic wars. It depicts a contradictory and fast-changing colonial society, in which systemic racism, cruelty, and the "iron hand of slavery" (45) are beginning to be challenged. The journal includes a comparative view of slavery in the French and British colonies (89-97).
Also published in the periodical Voyages and Travels, vol. II (1820).