Erik GOEBEL Imprimer

Senior Researcher
Danish National Archives
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♦ Participation to EURESCL project

WP1- Frontiers, nationalism and feelings of belonging

• Especially regarding Denmark and Danish acitivities on the Gold Coast and in the Danish West Indies
• Organisation d’un workshop on “cultural change and abolitionism: redefining the relationship between Europe and the rest of the world, especially Africa and the Americas” .


♦ Main research areas

Economic, social, and maritime history

Main publications  

Det danske slavehandelsforbud 1792. Studier og kilder til forhistorien, forordningen og foelgerne (Odense : University Press, 2008), with a summary in English 

A Guide to Sources for the History of the Danish West Indies (U. S. Virgin Islands), 1671-1917 (Odense : University Press, 2002)

The Danish Edict of 16th March 1792 to Abolish the Slave Trade, in Jan Parmentier and Sander Spanoghe, eds., Orbis et urbem. LIber amicorum Jan Everaert (Ghent 2001)

Volume and Structure of Danish Shipping to the Caribbean and Guinea, 1671-1838, in International Journal of Maritime History, vol. 2, 1990)

Danish Shipping along the Triangular Route (forthcoming).

♦ Teaching and/or tutoring activities